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Kathleen Holmes

Fifth Grade Teacher
East Side Intermediate School

     I have been a member of TEA for seven years. I am the proud mother of three wonderful daughters - Latresa, Caresa and Katora. I have a wonderful son-in-law and one beautiful granddaughter, whose name is Kearsten. Inspired by my daughters, in 2002, I sat out on a journey to accomplish my professional goal of becoming a teacher. The culmination of this journey has ended with me presently being a fourth and fifth grade teacher, and the recipient of an associate’s and bachelor’s degree as well as two master’s degrees.  I have now decided to continue my educational journey and pursue a doctoral degree in educational leadership.  Teaching is my passion; I love interacting, sharing, and exchanging knowledge with my students. My goal is to help them reach and achieve their fullest potential as well as make a lasting positive impact on their lives.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve our valued members of HCEA. I am also thankful and blessed to be fulfilling a dream and engaging in the most rewarding work: TEACHING!


Suzie May

Pre-K Teacher
Anderson Early Education Center



Haywood County Education Association Officers


Kathleen Holmes

Fifth Grade Teacher at East Side Intermediate School


Suzie May 

Pre-K Teacher at Anderson Early Education Center


Chelsea Currie

Fourth Grade Teacher at East Side Intermediate School


Latresa Bond

Third Grade Teacher at East Side Intermediate School


Kenneth Emerson

Director of Pupil Services, Logistics, & Planning

Haywood County Education Association Building Representatives

Anderson Early Childhood Center

Sami Jo Gore     

Suzie May 


Haywood Elementary School

Bobbie Gavin     

Patricia Gaietto

Mary Marcantel 

East Side Intermediate School

Latresa Bond      

Kathleen Holmes

Chelsea Currie 

Haywood Middle School 

Mike Leigh     

Kristi Morris

Ray Clark  

Haywood High School 

Dumanic Wade 

Pam Diebold

Julie Dahlhauser

School Board Office

Kenneth Emerson     



Tennessee Education Association

TEA/NEA Uniserve
District 17 Representative

Karla Carpenter

(901) 590-2543

P.O. Box 177    Brunswick, TN 38014

Executive Director

Carolyn Crowder
Gera Summerford
 Barbara Gray

(800) 342-8367

801 Second Street N     Nashville, TN 37201




















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